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Lukas Edler

Lukas Edler, born in Bad Hersfeld (Hessen), Berliner by choice had his first contact with electronic music in 2007. Since his musical origins are coming from rock music he was used to stand on stage with a "classical" instrument. Standing on stage with turntables and a mixer was first new to him but soon developed into a real addiction. After he had played his music on private parties together with the event company "Partyconnection" for about a year, Lukas soon attracted the attention of other organziers and clubowners. After several years of frequent gigs in clubs, and foundation of the event-series *(heimlich)-feiern, Lukas moved to Berlin and started to make his first own releases. The foundation of the Heimlich-Audio label together with his buddies was a logical consequence. Lukas' productions have a typical deep character with an own groove. His DJ-Mixes on the other hand can reach from moody tech-house mixes to driving techno, depending on the situation. Due to the influences by the berlin techno scene you can see that Lukas is deeply determined to continue sharing his love for electronic music with other people.

After his Album „Listen Reverse for Message“ (2013), he joined Lothrecht Booking in 2015 and continued releasing on Heimlich-Audio with e.g. „Odins Dance / Heimdallr Solo EP“ in 2018.

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